To improve training and recognition of skills earned during the PhD, and to promote the profiles of PhD holders to the non-academic sector


To improve attractiveness of research careers within and outside academia


To improve skills training and recognition through the development of an interdisciplinary curriculum and the implementation of a digital credential system.


Transforming Europe Through Doctoral Talent and Skills Recognition

The DocTalent4EU will improve transversal skills training and career development for PhD candidates by:

Boosting skills intelligence

and identifying the most demanded transferable skills

PhD candidates Higher Education Institutions Policy-makers


Developing an interdisciplinary curriculum

on selected transferable skills

PhD candidates Higher Education Institutions


Implementing a digital credential system

to facilitate and boost recognition of skills earned during the PhD, both formally and informally

PhD candidates Higher Education Institutions Market actors Policy-makers

Creating local talent management centres

to support training and career development of PhD candidates

PhD candidates Higher Education Institutions 



Policy briefs and roundtables results


Report on the outcomes of the first roundtable

Recording of second roundtable on micro-credentials and digital credentials

PhD Hub

By connecting researchers, enterprises and society at large, the PhD Hub promotes intersectoral, interdisciplinary or international collaboration and fosters innovation. The PhD Hub was initiated through a series of activities organised by the European University Foundation: the platform was developed as part of the European PhD Hub project (2017-2020) and was re-developed and improved as part of the DocEnhance project. The platform will be further refined during the course of DocTalent4EU and will become an integral part of the Local Talent Management Centres.


University of Cote d´Azur

University of Alcalá

European University Foundation

University of Limerick

“Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi

University of Porto

UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences


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